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My Koche

Founder | Ketron Wise


Handmade Skincare (Better for Your)

Ketron Wise founded Koche (pronounced ko-che) in 2009. Her son was diagnosed with Psoriasis & Eczema suffering from severely dry, itchy skin and she wanted to provide him with a natural way to manage his sensitive, dry skin. From the desire to help her child, she began making him body butter to keep his skin moisturized. Ketron then learned how to create all-natural, cold-processed soap. The goal then and now was to hydrate the skin naturally.

As the years have passed, Ketron’s line of products has expanded but her goal has remained the same. To provide all-natural products that promote and foster healthy, hydrated skin from the inside out.

Feel the natural difference...

Koche Handmade Skincare
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